• 28 Sep 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why so many FAQ?

You may ask why there are so many FAQ. We believe that the platform should be made with multiple moving blocks so that user can use their creativity and imagination to make the platform more usable. The inspiration here is from the LEGO blocks. Hence different functions in the platform needs to be linked together. So there could be an glitch while connecting the dots, like using a 6 dot Lego block instead of 4 dot block. There is no worries if such incidents happens it could be fixed with re-linking or re-configuration of your template, survey, scores, reports or brochure.

How do I get access to probench?

Contact us @

What is my Probench version?

You can find about your Probench version on your Probench Manager under left menu. Currenlty we have three version of Probench Manager. The version numbers are 1,3 and 4.(clients with version 2 have moved to version 4) We will keep updating version 4 so there will not be version 5. These 3 different version have mostly same feature, the difference is only the way in which they work techinically. So in order to work the manager needs to behave little differently.


What format do you need the text for the pop-outs?

It can be either in word or excel format against each questions.

Is it possible, if a company has multiple users, to make one the "primary" user so that they're the only person able to submit the response?

No, its not possible to mark a user as a primary user. In case you want to do this then you can only allow 1 user per company to register and that user can use the "Share a page" feature to share the pages with their colleagues.

On the "View Progress" page of Probench, how often are the scores calculated?

your title goes here

your content goes here

How to I create admin logins for Probench for my colleagues


User Management --> Administrators

How many logins company is able to create ?


There is no limit to the number of logins a company can create.

How many logins/contacts can register per company?


There is no limitation to the number of contacts that can register per company. However, we personally we recommend using "Share a Page" feature to the company users who wants to collect information from more than one colleagues.

Is there limit to pages that I can share with my colleagues ?


No, There is also no limit on the number of pages that can be shared with the user.

How to reset/delete the survey responses for particular company/participant?


Please find below instructions for remove/delete the particular survey response (Imp Note - This will permanently delete the user survey responses)

  1. Login to Probench
  2. Click on Advanced -> Delete Entry
  3. Select following carefully:
    3.1 - From which survey? (Here need to select the survey)
    3.2 - Which participant? (Select the company/participant/user from which above survey response needs to be deleted)
  4. Click on "Delete Now", This will delete the survey responses for selected survey.

Is it possible to customize html and css for only our Probench Portal? How can we customize html and css for our site in case we want some look and feel changes?


Yes, its definitely possible to customize the html and css for your Probench Portal. You can view the following video to know how you can do that.

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