Email Subscription
  • 06 Apr 2022
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Email Subscription

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This feature enables users to choose email subscription preferance and to unsubscribe emails they receiving from probench.

Email Un-subscription message


Above message will be attached to every email sent from probench, with email subscription page link.

This message is configurable and can be changed from setup>Manage Content >Footer with un-subscription link

Email Subscription Page

If EmailSubcriptions feature in setup>Manage Feature is off:


If EmailSubcriptions feature in setup>Manage Feature is on:

  • User can disable the toggle in front of respective fields to unsubscribe from that subscription fields.

  • This subscription fields are configurable , they can be added from setup>configuration>SubscriptionFields using pipe("|") seperation.

  • Report,tools and services is the defualt and mandatory field, if toggle in front of this field is deselected then that email address will be considered as un-subscribed from probench.

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