February 2022
  • 09 Feb 2022
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February 2022

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Article Summary

New Features Added

Locked dataset should not generate while exporting it


Earlier when we export the locked dataset it was getting generated, so in this release we are not generating the locked dataset but it will get exported.

Adding popup on Number and percent question type


(i) Streamline the look/feel of the survey without compromising the ability for user to enter required data, i.e. consistent row height.
(ii) To reduce number of column in row for calculation.
(iii) For having complete calculation table inside popup.

How this works:
In this release we have added a new Question types Popup Number and Popup Percentage in survey Template.We can use this question type on page level as well as inside table question type. If we select Popup Number question type then it will show normal number with popup field in survey. If we select Popup percentage then it will only allow number between 0 and 100. After click on popup edit icon Popup will open and then user can add the data inside the input box. User can also add table inside popup number.

On survey Page Popup Number question type appear like as below:

On survey Page Popup Percentage question type appear like as below:

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