January 2022
  • 23 Jan 2022
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January 2022

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Article Summary

New Features Added

Adding popup on text question type Text(500) and Text


(i) Streamline the look/feel of the survey without compromising the ability for user to enter required data, i.e. consistent row height.
(ii)Enable users to enter required data inside popup text without the table becoming extremely large.
(iii)Enable users to view the complete view of the added contents

How this works:
In this release we have added a new Question types Popup Text and Popup Text(500) in survey Template.We can use this question type on page level as well as inside table question type. If we select Popup Text question type then it will show normal text with popup field in survey. If we select Popup Text(500) then it will allow to add upto 500 words. After click on popup edit icon Popup will open and then user can add the data inside text.

Structure on page level with Popup Text Question type-

On survey Page Popup Text question type appear like as below:

Structure on page level with Popup Text(500) Question type-

On survey Page Popup Text(500) question type appear like as below:

Structure inside table question type-

On survey Page Popup Text and Popup Text(500) question type inside table question type appear like as below:

Column width percentage box in template

Go to How to setup Column width article.


Earlier the alignment of table was depending on the size of content of its column, this creates the mismatch between the alignments of different tables in a page, so to solve this problem we have added column width percentage box in the first row of a table in template which accepts the value only in percentage, based on the value of column width in template it will apply the width to its corresponding column.

Table on survey page before applying the column width

Table on survey page after applying the column width

Generate reference and secret key on click of PowerBI button

Go to How to import dataset into PowerBI article.


Earlier we need to manually generate reference and secret key to get the third-party link.
Now both the (2)reference and (3)secret key is automatically generated on the click of (1)PowerBI button as displayed in the sbove screen grab, it will only generate new key if any one or both of the key is blank.

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