July 2023
  • 01 Aug 2023
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July 2023

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New features on Charts for Web Scorecard

Based on the feedback we received from our clients and to add to the usability of charts on web scorecards we have introduce following 2 features on the charts:

Show legend as checkboxes

Before this release when legends on the charts were clicked the respective bar or line used to show or hide, however users were mostly unaware about the feature and were not able to take advantage of that feature. So we decided to introduce this feature where a tickbox will be visible alongside legend which would prompt user to tick or untick to help them play around with the charts. Following is a gif file demonstrating the same.

Legend As Checkbox.gif

Download charts as image

As part of this feature now all the charts can be downloaded as jpeg / image format. This will enable sharability of the charts i.e. now the charts can be downloaded and used in presentations, shared on social media posts etc.

download chart.gif

Disclaimer: All the data or charts displayed in the above representations are publicly available information and we are not disclosing any confidential information.

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