Notification Feature
  • 07 Dec 2023
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Notification Feature

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Article summary

This feature is mainly used in conjuction with Conversation question type where an email notification about the conversation is sent to the administrator and a notification icon is displayed along side each page which has received companies comments.


Use cases

  • Mainly used to get notifications when the companies leave their comments on indicators where there is a need for you to respond soon before the companies loose their interest. So responding within a day helps to have a productive conversation.
  • Instead of going through each company to know which company responded this would help you to know how many companies are showing interest each day and that everyone in the team will be notified.
  • To know on the overview page of the company, which page has received comments so that analysts can directly visit the page and respond to the comments instead of visiting each page in search of comments.


  • Timely communication - Due to the notification you can respond to the companies without much delay. Also help with completing the assessments on time.
  • Time saving - Consolidated notification informs you about which companies left their comments without you going to each company and search for any responses.
  • Hassle free communication - Instead of going through 100s of emails get a consolidated email each day with all the details.

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