Our Community
  • 11 Apr 2022
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Our Community

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Article Summary

A collaborative community working closely to build shared assets and knowledge will only help everyone to move forward in achieving their goals. We had that as a first-hand experience in building our product Probench with the collective efforts of all our clients over the past decade. 

We are currently trying to build a close community of at least 100 active members to whom we can provide value every fortnight. This community will be of people working for Sustainability Benchmarking, Assessments, Index, Ratings or Rankings. 

We want to provide them content that will truly delight them and be so valuable that they would like to share it with their team. This will give us a sense of achievement that we understand the community better and serve them to the best of our abilities.

You can join the community online via this LinkedIn Group "Sustainability Research & Analysis Community" and do not miss any updates also interact with the community in the Group. 

What do you need to do?

Decide which group you belong to from the below 3 group names and email it to vikram@73bit.com OR you can share it with me on LinkedIn message

Who are you?

We have 3 different groups in our community. Enthusiast, Practitioner and LeaderIf you think that we have missed any group please email me at vikram@73bit.com and educate me about it. I am always happy to learn. 

Enthusiast (7 votes)

The junior team member who has joined the industry a few years back because they are interested in peer assessment and sector benchmarks research

Practitioner (6 votes)

The one who has enough experience in the domain of Sustainability Research that the team leader relies on their expertise

Leader (14 votes)

The one leading a small team or multiple teams to execute the initiative from data collection to publishing reports and sharing insights

Currently, we are looking for 10 founding members who are in only one of the above groups and are interested in discovering the topic for the fortnight content. We have already shortlisted 5 content ideas that could be useful to the community. These founding members can pick one from them or pivot them to something that is useful to them. We will focus on one niche topic for this year. If you are one of the early adopters and want to participate in building our community and be a part of it email me at vikram@73bit.com and tell me your group name. 

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If you are a leader and are interested in joining our community. Join our LinkedIn Group Sustainability Research & Analysis Community

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