Probench's Backup Process
  • 05 Sep 2021
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Probench's Backup Process

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Following are some of the Backup Processes we have in place for all our clients. Below is diagram explaining you each of the ways we do a backup.


Nightly Database Backups

As you already know database is main component for backup which stores all the data that is collected by Probench. It also stores all the configurations like Dataset formulas, Mappings for evidences, Feedback Reports, Questionnaire structure, Users Information etc..

Due to the importance of this we have setup a nightly backup of database which executes automatically each night. These nightly backups are stored on the server for 4 weeks. So in case any issues happen with the data then at any point in time we have history of 4 weeks of data.

Nightly backups for past 3 days are also uploaded to AWS cloud so in case something goes wrong with the server databases of atleast last 3 days are available to restore quickly on the new servers.

Backups on Cloud

The second leavel of Backups happen on AWS cloud. This backup process copies over all the newly added or updated files from servers to AWS cloud. These backups also includes the databases that were backed up in the night.

These backup process happens every 6 hours. As these backups are stored on the cloud they are all encrypted and only accessible using credentials or decryption key.

We have invested in a tool named CloudBerry Backups which does this process automatcally without any manual intervention.

Server Backup on FTP

We have subscribed for this additional service our server provider where they would be backing up the server data to a different location other than the current location of the server.

This would help to recover the data in the scenario where the complete datacenter goes down due to act of god or any unforseen event. This will than act as a first line of recovering the data over and above the previously mentioned measures.

Backup of Data in the Datasets

As already mentioned above all the data is already present in the database which is backed up every night however in the scenario where database itself is non-recoverable we have now created an Export dataset functionality within Probench.

As part of this functionality Administrators can schedule a dataset export every weekly. This functionality will generate and export the data in the dataset to a Dropbox Drive in a csv format. This will ensure that all the data is always available in our clients own Dropbox drive.

Mock Drill

Every quarter we have decided to conduct a mock drill which would test all the backups we have in place and are they retrieavable at the time when they are needed.

As part of this drill we would also test the time it would take to get all the sites back up and running.

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