April - June 2020
  • 27 Jul 2021
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April - June 2020

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Quick Generation for Dataset (Versions: 3 / 4 / 4.5)

The way the existing dataset generates and stores the data, it start slowing down the generation process as the data being processed and amount of data starts increasing. One of the reasons behind the slowness was storing of data in the SQL server database in a flat format (i.e. vertical table) each cell gets inserted as a row.

So to solve this issue we introduced a Quicker of generating dataset where the data is directly stored in the csv format and hence there is no interaction with database for storing the data which reduces the generation time by 90%. The generation which used to take 1.5 hours now take about 10 min.

This will add following advantages to the dataset generation other than performance:

  1. Will enable us to validate the syntax of the formula at the time of updating the datasets.
  2. Will enable us to start the generation process from the point it threw an error instead of regenrating the complete dataset.
  3. When downloading the csv as its already available it would be super quick to download the data.

Menu Structure changes for Version 4.5 (Versions: 3 / 4 / 4.5)

As part of our updates to make Probench intuitive and easy to use we rearranged our menu on the Backend and changed names of some of the menu items so that they are self explanatory.


Instant Report Attached to the Submission emails. (Versions: 4 / 4.5)

Submission emails were only used to inform that the responses are submitted and received, however as some of the clients generates the preliminary reports before the submission the companies had to revisit the Home page to download their reports.

So as part of this enhancement we now send the reports directly along with the submission emails so that the companies do not have to get back into the system and get all the information at once. This is a toggle feature and can be enabled or disabled based on process.

Configurable Document Upload limit (Versions: 4 / 4.5)

Based on the type of information our clients collect the documents that are uploaded as Evidence the size of document varies and the existing 5 MB limit posed issues for some of our clients. So we decided to make this configurable so the Admin users can decide on what size of files to accept. To change this visit:

Setup --> Configuration --> FileUplaodSizeLimit --> Enter size in (MB)

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