August 2021
  • 12 Aug 2021
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August 2021

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Article Summary

New Features Added

Include All Participants In Datasets (Versions 4 & 4.5)

Rationale: Before this release it was mandatory for the datasets to be survey specific and would only get the data specific to the surveys or in case they have participated in some survey. If there was a situation where our clients needed details of all the participants irrespective of which survey they participated then it was not possible.

With this release we have introduced a new criteria using which we can download data of all participants please see the screen grab below

This will help our clients in case they need contact details of all the participants or other participant specific data of all the participants.

Improving performance of Rule Engine (Versions 4 & 4.5)

When we developed a rule engine the focus was more on achieving our clients requirement and making it flexible to cater to various kinds of rules.

Now that the rule engine requirements were stabilised we decided to focus on the performance of the same as some of the rules were taking a 3-4 seconds each to execute in case there are lots of rules and bigger templates.

After this improvement these time taken have some down to less than 500ms. We are quite happy with this improvement as it would benifit all our clients and we now do not have to worry about the size of the template or the number of rules.

Improving performance of Template Save Changes (Versions 4 & 4.5)

Performance of the full template save functionality i.e. "Save Changes". As the templates got bigger and the number of questions in the template got bigger the "Save Changes" button which saves the whole template after any structural changes got slower and for one of the biggest template with about 15K datapoints it used to take about 15 minutes.
Now with this improvement the time taken has come down to less than 3 minutes for the same template. Which is a very significant improvement we have happy about.

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