February 2021
  • 10 May 2021
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February 2021

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Article summary

New Features Added

Mandatory Condition

Before this release a question/indicator can either be mandatory or voluntary and once set it cannot be modified depending on a response given for other questions/indicators in the survey.

How this works:
In this release we have added a new condition type in the survey template where this condition will work similar to the "Visible?" condition i.e. If the condition is true then the question would be marked as Mandatory while if its false it would stay voluntary. Following image is pointing to the mandatory condition type in the template.


Note: Currently this condition only works for questions which are outside a table. This conditions type does not work for questions inside the table.

Display Mandatory Question Count on overview

Before this release we were displaying 3 statuses i.e. Not Started, In Progress and Completed. When the status is changed to In Progress, users were not getting clear picture as to how many questions are yet to be answered. So this feature will provide this clarity.

How this works:
This new feature will help participants to get a view of how many mandatory questions are yet to be answered in a particular section or page. This count will be displayed at each level as demonstrated in the following screengrab.


This feature would be replacing the existing "In Progress" status on the overview page.
Note: To enable this feature you will have to visit :
Setup --> Manage Features --> ShowMandatoryQuestionCount --> Enable using the toggle button

Multi-level section drilldown on overview

Before this release Probench only supported 1 level of sections in the survey structure which restricted our clients from further dividing the survey structure and make the structure simpler for the participants to understand.

How this works:
With addition of this feature questionnaire structure can have Section --> Section --> Page or Section --> Section --> Section --> Page which was not possible previously. So now the overview can page can look something like the image below:


Note: This feature will be enabled by default.

Maintain page state on the overview

Before the release when users were opening the side overview from the left-side of the page they were see an overview but they never used to understand which page they are on currently. This was an issue specifically where the questionnaire structure had Section --> Page, due to which if they wanted to visit the page in the same section they first has to understand which section they are in currently by clicking multiple times.

How this works:
After this release when the users would see the overview they would always see their current page highlighted so that they can traverse the another page in the same section with ease and they would also know their current position in the survey. The highlighted page would look as displayed in the below image.


Note: This feature will be enabled by default.

Probench Managers can modify responses after submit

Before the released of this feature Managers had to Unsubmit the survey to make changes to a submitted survey. This sometimes create an additional steps for the Managers.

How this works:
After this release Managers should be able to make changes to the responses of the company without unsubmitting the survey. However we are aware that unsubmitting a survey is needed by some of our clients workflow to keep the necessary checks and balances. Due to this very reason we have made this feature configurable and can be Enabled or Disabled. You can do this by following below mentioned steps.
Setup --> Manage Features --> ManagerCanSaveAfterSubmit --> Enable using the toggle button

Toggle Probench Features

Going forward we would like to be as transparent and consistent as possible with our releases, so that a feature released for 1 client is also released for other without our intervention. So as a part of this change we would like our clients to be able to Enable or Disable Features on their own. These feature are mainly company facing features. This screen will also give some clarity on what are the features available for use.

How this works?
We have added a new menu option under Setup which would help you to Enable or Disable a feature using a toggle

Setup --> Manage Features

Import Responses

Recently we have been getting some request and questions from our clients to be able to import responses using an excel file. This normally helps in case they want to upload responses for some of the indicators in bulk for all the companies.

How it works?
After this release Manager would be able to import responses in bulk using this functionality. Import would only be possible using a predefined csv file which can be downloaded and then responses can be entered in the csv file. The the updated csv can be uploaded to Probench and rest will be handled automatically.

Import --> Import Responses

Bug Fixes

  1. Validating Web Page Name:
    When adding a new survey if the administrator add Web Page Name similar to other survey the system would throw an error and would not allow same Web page name.

  2. Restricting Double Click on Save Button:
    There were duplicate responses getting stored in the backend in some instances which was due to users double clicking Save button. So now we have fixed this issue and disable the Save button immediately after the first click so there would be no chances of duplication of data.

  3. Validation for "Number to Score" and "Percent to Score" Question Types
    We have validation to the system such that only following valid ranges are accepted
    Number to Score: Valid range 0 to 1
    Percent to Score: Valid range 0 to 100

  4. "<" & ">" not working with download questionnaire in word format
    We have not modified the system such that it will allow all the special character and still generate the word download without any issues.

Upcoming feature in next release

  1. Notify when company provides their comments - Once this feature is released system will send notifications to the accessors or administrators when the companies go into the system and provide their comments or respond to any indicator which is marked for notification.

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