July - September 2020
  • 27 Jul 2021
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July - September 2020

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Import Responses (Versions: 3 / 4 / 4.5)

This feature was mainly developed for the clients that collect data from the publically available data with the help of third party analysts which collect the data in excel sheets and then this data is used for review and starting a conversation with the companies in case they want to comment on the analysis done.

So as part of this functionality the data is collected in a predefined format and then imported into the system in bulk on just one click of data.

This feature similarly be used to import the data collected in some other system and then transfer the data to Probench.


How it works:
To view more details on how this process works click here

Bypass Registration Process (Versions: 4 / 4.5)

The main rationale behind developing this feature is to reduce the number of steps the companies / participants has to take to start working and responding using Probench. As the name suggests the companies can completely bypass the registration process and login into the system using the pre-shared credentials (sent to them in invitation) which will remain the same for all the users of that company.


Each company / participant would only receive single credentials using which they can signin into the system.

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