September 2022
  • 28 Oct 2022
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September 2022

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Article Summary

New Features Added

New Invalid Status for showing error message on unacceptable answers.


(i) Earlier the unacceptable answer was marked by red border around the input/text area.
(ii) It was not informative about which question has unacceptable answer given and user would not no which page has unacceptable answer after he saved that page.
(iii) It was also allowing survey user to submit the survey with unacceptable answer.

How this works:
In this release we have created new rule DISPLAY_INVALID_STATUS to tackle this issue.

When user enters unacceptable answer and saves the page, the page will be marked with Invalid Answer Status.


On the top of page a list of error messages will be shown with link for going to that question like below.


On submission page that page would shown with Invalid Answer status in incomplete pages list like below.


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