• 10 Mar 2023
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Article summary

1) What business problem did Probench / 73bit Limited solve?

FAIRR sought 73bit to implement their methodology into Probench. This was to achieve the following goals:
a) separation and automation of the scoring from the reporting itself
b) logic driven display of the questions to reduce the need for checks and reduce reporting burden
c) user-friendly platform to insight companies to provide feedback and
d) strengthen data governance of our processes, by having full visibility of the analysts and company comments

2) What pain was the business problem causing Textile Exchange?

With our previous setup, FAIRR had to rely extensively on internal checks and considerable time was spent for that purpose; in addition the excel sheets were demanding of CPU, thus our internal tool could stop, slowing FAIRR analysts, as the system had to be restarted

3) What was your overall mood around this problem?

I would say there was frustration when the internal tool would crash, and when FAIRR had to manually create the outputs; these are now automated.

4) What would have happened if the TE wasn’t able to solve this problem with Probench?

We would have looked at some other survey and reporting tool

5)What benefits did the TE receive from Probench or by working with 73bit?

73bit delivered on all our needs specified in the first bullet point, and beyond. We are looking forward to seeing what new functionalities 73bit might have in 2024, such as analyst-specified notification system.

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