• 28 Sep 2022
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What happens if I change 'emailonsubmitmanagers' to YES?


This config should be set to YES when Submission Emails should be sent when assessor/analysts/manager submit the surveys. This email will be send to all users associated with the company/participant and bcc contacts.

Also for this email a separate email template should be created if not already there or update if it exists and you want a different content.
Manager --> Setup --> Manage Content--> Search for "_Survey Submitted Email Manager"

How to enable submission email by Users:


Following are few steps we need to follow for the submission emails:

  1. Email content at > Setup > Manage Content > _Survey Submitted Email(We can change the header here)
  2. Check and change Email from at > Setup > Configuration > "EmailFrom"
  3. Check and change Email BCC at > Setup > Configuration > "EmailBcc"
  4. Enable config "EmailOnSubmit" by changing value to "Yes"

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