• 14 Nov 2022
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Article Summary

Sustainability Research & Analysis Community

We are currently building a close community of active members to whom we can provide additional value. This community is of people working in sustainability benchmarking, index development, rating, rankings and similar assessment. We want to provide this community with content that will truly delight them and be so valuable that they will want to share it with their wider teams.

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We are focusing on Scoring Methods
We will find some scoring patterns, strategic decisions, mathematical decisions, business process improvements and communication decisions. We will try to engage the community to discuss the difficulties and challenges around the scoring methods and take their guidance to improve our content.

Scoring Method Content 

  1. Scoring Methodology - 1 (Views: 12)
  2. Scoring Methodology - 2 (Views: 5) 
  3. Twenty-five Questions on Scoring Methods  (Views: 4)
  4. Can data science be used for testing scoring? (Views: 3) 
  5. Evolution of a Scoring Method (Views: 2)
  6. Rationale for Change (Views: 0) 
  7. 5 MS Excel tricks for Scoring (Views: 9) 
  8. Can we measure degrowth? (View: 41) 
  9. Degrowth Benchmark (View: 12)
  10. Measuring Global Corporate Sustainability
  11.  Why should investors care about how ESG score works - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWdPFwtGgOE

Benefits of joining our community

  Meet like-minded peers  Only 1 curated content each month  Get a 1-hour scoring strategy session
  Participate in Scoring Methods Call  Ask for 1 scoring research out of 500 initiatives  Access to all older content and videos

You can join our community for FREE on this LinkedIn Group Sustainability Research & Analysis Community.

Our Objective
Improve the value of the content each month using engaging feedback from the community. 

  Meet like-minded peers 

You can automatically send direct messages as soon as you join the LinkedIn Group. Currently, we have 150+ members and many are leaders in this space. You can also choose to email me at vikram@73bit.com or message me on LinkedIn and ask for any specific role or title you which to connect with. I can also help you to connect to a member of a company. 

  Participate in Scoring Methods Call

The Agenda of this call will be to discuss the high-level methodology (how points are turned into final scores, apply multipliers, thresholds, etc). Each person gets 15 minutes to explain their scoring methodology in short and post which there was a Q&A to interact with each other. A minimum of 3 members are required to conduct this call.

  Only 1 curated content each month

We take a month's time to create or curate the content based on the feedback of the previous content. We also run a few experiments based on the gap we see in the industry. The format of the content can be an article, video, code or white paper.

  Ask for 1 scoring research out of 500 initiatives

We have collated a list of 500 initiatives that you can find here. In the past, we have analysed about 10 of them as scoring method 1 and scoring method 2. Here you can pick any initiative out of the 500 and we will do similar research and share the content. If you want to dive deep into it we can also follow it up with a call and understand it better. 

  Get a 1-hour scoring strategy session

You are eligible for a 1-hour call and it's your choice to take it or not. We can discuss the various scoring methods that I have helped our community members in the past. Some of them are our clients so we have worked with them for more than 7 years now. You can get the idea of a journey from a simple scoring method to more sophisticated methods. You can ask me any questions to me.

  Access to all older content and videos

We will have easy access to all the previous content on this documentation website we will keep adding more knowledge and references. You can access it using the left-hand side menu on this page under Community Content. Since it's the community who are leading the way for us we may have different ideas and values in the coming future. 

In case you still have any questions feel free to email me at vikram@73bit.com or message me on LinkedIn.

Call To Action
If you are a leader and are interested in joining our community. Join our LinkedIn Group Sustainability Research & Analysis Community and participate in the conversation. If you know someone who belongs share this article with them. If you think collaboration will help every sustainability professional, you must act now.

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