Why instant feedback report / scorecard?
  • 30 Dec 2022
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Why instant feedback report / scorecard?

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As we all know in our industry there are lots of assessments and benchmarks being conducted with each one of them focusing on different areas or different sustainability goals. This sometimes demotivates companies from participating in the assessments as they are not able to see the benefits of participating in them all and above all this most of the times they have to wait 4-6 months before they receive the feedback and insights based on the data they provide. This demotivates them further as by the time they receive the feedback half of the year and planning for the year would have been already done and they are unable to implement recommendations. This is where instant feedback report / instant scorecard comes in handy


You can achieve following benefits by proving instant feedback report to the companies providing the data.

  1. Instant gratification to the companies for taking out time to provide their data.
  2. Instant scores to the companies which will help to understand where do they stand and which areas they did well and which areas they need to improve.
  3. Instant recommendations to the companies which will help them with some immediate actions they can take and not wait for 4-6 months before getting the action points.
  4. Continuation in conversation with the companies where you can tab on the freshly provided data and help them to take necessary actions early.
  5. Meaningful conversation with the companies as companies know where they stand so both you and companies can have an informed conversation which will add a lot of value to the time companies have spent in providing their data.


The instant feedback report / scorecard you create can contain areas mentioned in our prevous article "Content for Preliminary Feedback Report"

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