Invite Participants
  • 05 Feb 2021
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Invite Participants

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Previously this item comes under Administrator > Send Invites option.

Send Invitaion is used to send bulk email to participants depends on filters selected.And it will send email to participant on emailId provided in Primary Contact Email.


  1. Participant in region : Filter the particiants by region they selected.
  2. Participate in survey : Filter the particiants for which they have participate in the survey.
  3. Filter the participant email doesn’t exist : Filter the particiants for which doesn’t exist Primary Contact Email(In this send button will not visible).
  4. Show Participant Fields Filters : It give participant field filters which allow to filter participant by Organization detail.


  1. Email Template : Select the template on which invitation email should be send for that survey.If you select this filter send button is not visible
  2. Add Invite Template : Will take the user to add notes Page (in which we will add template) under ‘survey_invitation’ group.Following are the code used while creating email template body
  • {{user_name}} : to get praticipant primary contact name
  • {{company_name}} or {{Name}} : to get participant display name
  • {{company_code}} or {{Code}} : to get generated user name
  • {{manager_name}} : to get manager name
  • {{company_password}} : to get generated password
  1. Edit Invite Template : Will update the invitation template.


  1. Show Participants not Participated (Survey not started) : Filter the particiants for which they have not started the survey.This filter will get visible after any survey is selected.


  1. Send All : By clicking Send All button, it will send invitation email to all users which have filtered.Send All button only get visible if we get alteast one participant in filter list.


  1. Send : Send button in each row allow to send email individually.

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