List of Features
  • 31 Jan 2022
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List of Features

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Article Summary

This article will contain list of all the features available in Probench. List is broadly divided into 2 main categories

  1. Frontend Features - Features that would be available to Company User or End Users or when Administrator login as a company.
  2. Backend Features - Features that are available to Probench Administrators.

Frontend Features

  1. Collaborative Data Collection - Toggle
  2. Email On Submit - Toggle
  3. Email On Submit with Report - Toggle
  4. Live scores on survey pages and overview pages - Toggle (Admin Only)
  5. Parent Child survey on home page - Survey Setup
  6. Associate With Multiple Companies - Toggle
  7. View history of responses - Toggle
    • View previous year's response for each indicator
    • View responses of all companies for each indicator
  8. Snapshot of URL evidence to PDF
  9. Evidence Library
  10. Traverse through questions in any order.
  11. See Live Progress Overview
  12. Pre-population from previous year - Template Setup
  13. View Guidance/Information notes - Template Setup
  14. Select disclosures for each question
  15. Download the survey with responses in a word or pdf format
  16. Download All Evidences - Toggle
  17. Show list of evidences below attach button. - Toggle
  18. Bookmark / Flag an indicator
  19. View definitions for technical words in the questionnaire - Template Setup
  20. ReadOnly Indicators - Template Setup (Admin Only)
  21. AdminOnly Indicators - Template Setup (Admin Only)
  22. Instant Feedback Report Template Setup
  23. Notification company starts responding (Admin Only)
  24. Ability to prepopulate responses from previous years - Template Setup
  25. Column Width - Template Setup (Admin Only)

Backend Features

  1. Impersonate as a company user - Admin user can login as a company user to view and edit responses of that company.
  2. Create your own questionnaire - Admin user is able to create their own survey structure with no predefined template restrictions
  3. Automated Scoring - Probench calculates scores of the company automatically as soon as the companies save their responses.
  4. Manage survey deadlines - Each company / participant can be assigned specific deadlines for completely the survey in addition to a survey wide deadline. This is there to cater special cases.
  5. Assign deadlines to each participants/companies
  6. Create custom datasets using 50+ Excel like functions
  7. Import Participants
  8. Send Invitations
  9. Send Invitations with Scorecard
  10. Send Reminders
  11. Ability to adjust scoring methodology during the cycle
  12. One click scorecard generation
  13. Fully Configurable Scorecard
  14. Fully Configurable Feedback Report
  15. Ability to configure charts
  16. Ability to download all scorecards in a zip format
  17. Import Data
  18. Manage Users and Roles
  19. View Logs of each activity in system.
  20. Manage content of each emails sent from the system
  21. Associate users to multiple companies

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